Thursday, December 2, 2010

Zorbacon vs. Merganser/Zorbacon vs. Pond

The morning started out with a hunt with Longeard mule, Sadie, and Sewer Rat. The ducks either slept late or migrated somewhere else. I counted 5 mallards sky high and 1 far off wood duck. There were no opportunities to shoot. We had fun either way. A little later on I was helping Glove Devil in the greenhouse. I stepped outside to take a break. While contemplating what to have for a snack, I climbed onto the mountain of pallets to get a better look at the pond. I saw ducks swimming on the pond. I saw 2 mergansers. Over the next several minutes I got my shotgun, hat and jacket and walked to the pond. I approached from behind the dam. I was completely invisible to the ducks. As I rose to spot the ducks and shoot, I fired on the merganser drake and got him. I let the hen fly away. 2 wood ducks that I did not see until after I shot flew off as well. They were at the other end of the pond. The dead merganser drake was lying in the middle of the pond. My waders were in the truck back at the greenhouse. It was a 5 minute walk away. I asked myself, "What would Bear Grylls do"? I took off my boots and socks. I rolled my sweatpants as high up my legs as I could. I stepped into the slimy pond. The water was so cold! I knew the pond wasn't deep. I continued to slowly walk to the center to pick up the bird. It was an odd feeling. Was I really barefooted in a pond on December 2nd? Was I doing all of this for a merganser?

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