Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rage Against the Doe:

This post was written by Rowza/Stinky. His name is still undecided.

I left work at 5:30pm yesterday, 9/28/10, and headed to one of my favorite stands, “the spruce tree stand”. It’s not really a spruce tree, it’s actually a holly tree. I got the name from a stand I’ve hunted numerous times in Alberta, Canada called the spruce tree stand. It’s only got 2-3 steps until you get to the limbs, then you climb limbs the rest of the way to the stand. That’s how this holly tree is, so I named it the “spruce tree stand”. Due to the unseasonably warm weather since bow season came in, I’ve only hunted the stand twice before yesterday. I saw a really nice shooter 8pt in velvet the first time, but didn’t have a shot. However, there have been lots of does at this stand, and I was itching to break the ice yesterday and shed some blood. I have a problem sometimes with going to the stand with all expectations of shooting a doe, then I second guess myself wondering if “the buck” is right behind her, and sometimes pass up the opportunity on these fine eating, perfect target practice specimens. Not yesterday…..I told myself I was shooting the first doe that came out……and that I did. It was wet yesterday, so I couldn’t hear the deer coming from as far, and I had to be extra cautious of my movements, as I knew one could slip in on me. She stepped out on my corn/lucky buck pile at 6:20. It took about 10 minutes for her to provide me with the perfect, slightly quartering away shot, but she gave it to me. It was a text-book 20 yard shot, opposing leg forward. My rage 100 grain two-blade entered mid-ribcage and exited just behind the opposing shoulder. It was a clean pass through and a great shot. She ran about 25 yards down the lane I was hunting and turned into the woods. She was already “pushing” when she entered the woods, and I heard her crash just a few more yards into the woods. I’m 8 for 8 now using the rage broadheads, including a clean pass-through on a big mule deer in Alberta last year at 47 yards. The blood trail on this doe was unbelievable, but unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy the trailing very long. She expired 55 yards from point of impact. I could put four fingers into the entrance and exit wounds in this does. These broadheads are unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Where have we seen this before……..the beast is dead for evermore!! I have backstraps in the cooler!! I almost forgot how exhilarating it is to kill a deer with a bow and arrow!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Characters, Part 1

Over the next several days, I am going to introduce you to the "characters" that you will most often see on this blog during hunting season. They cover a wide variety of personalities and have many different skills and abilities.

Meet Gel Helmet. He earned his name because of the over abundance of gel that you will find protecting his head at any time. As you can see in this picture, Gel Helmet has gel left over from the night before, or did he put it on before this duck hunt? This crusty barrier has been known to block No. 2 steel shot.

Gel Helmet likes to duck hunt. He only deer hunts when breakfast afterwards is a guarantee. His favorite breakfast is a sausage and cheese biscuit from Bojangle's. He enjoys sitting next to a smoker at Smoke Level cafe.

Gel Helmet excels at shooting mergansers and green-winged teal that land on the other side of a too deep to cross creek.

It is almost a guarantee that you will find Gel Helmet at Disney World twice a year. He likes the teacups. He is also an expert at Disney trivia. If you ever meet Gel Helmet, ask him about Mr. Toad handing the keys of his wild ride over to Winnie the Pooh.

Gel helmet is a loyal friend, father and husband.

He rules his local tennis league, runs a 4.2 second 40 yard dash, can scratch his kneecap standing straight up and is the son of a man that can sing like Elvis.

Gel Helmet's weapons of choice are a Benelli Nova for the duck swamp and a Marlin 30-30 for the pre-breakfast deer woods.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's that time of year again!

It's bow season again in NC and I couldn't be more excited!

I'm Zorbacon, and I love all things outdoors. Deer and or duck hunting trade spots as my # 1 hobby depending on which one I am currently having more success at. Fishing is quickly becoming my #2 followed by kayaking in the ocean as #3. I don't rank em' after that. If it involves shooting something, catching something or propelling oneself in some sort of watercraft, I'll try it.

I do most of my hunting in Eastern NC. As I am sure some of you know, there are a lot of deer in NC, but there are not a ton of large deer in the coastal plain with the exception of Halifax and Northampton counties. Those 2 counties have mineral rich clay. The rest of Eastern NC is mostly sandy soil or peat. There are always exceptions , but this is how it is for the most part.

In 2009, I heard about mineral supplement called Lucky Buck. It promises antler growth, mostly in mass "girth". I have been feeding the deer at my main hunting property Lucky Buck since February 2010. It was surprising to find this picture on my camera after only having it out 3 days. A knowledgeable friend of mine estimated this deer to be 2.5 years old. He says this is his first full set of antlers. I count 10 points. Not bad!!! The Lucky Buck must be working!