Monday, October 18, 2010

First Day of Gun Season

Saturday October 16th was the first day of gun season in Eastern NC. I got out of bed at 5:20 got ready and was in the stand by 6:15. You could see around 6:35 and were allowed to shoot at 6:40. I was sitting in my stand concentrating on not falling out when I noticed 4 wood ducks landing on the pond just behind my stand. As I took my attention away from the ducks I was surprised to find 2 deer in the field in front of me. They had appeared out of nowhere. One was a 6 pointer and the other was a doe. I raised my gun and shot the doe with a perfect shoulder/heart shot. She dropped immediately. The 6 pointer stood and looked around to see where the shot came from. I had no interest in shooting him. His antlers were way too small. A couple of minutes later, 2 more does came walking in from the opposite direction, again, appearing out of nowhere. The goal on my property is to thin out does this year and let bucks grow. We plan on shooting as many does as possible this year to have a good doe to buck ratio in the future.

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