Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a day that our founders set aside to give thanks for our great nation to our Creator. It may be my favorite holiday. It is often overlooked by Christmas. I like it because you just eat and spend time with family and friends. No gifts required. Be sure to take time to thank God for sending his son Jesus to earth. I know that we celebrate this at Christmas, but do it today. We are the most free and blessed nation on earth because of the relationship our forefathers had with God.

On with the hunt. This morning Longeared Mule and Sadie took me on another hunt. I shot a mallard that got away. The duck either swam away or vanished into thin air. I hate losing any duck, but losing a mallard seems worse. We had a good time, but I forgot my camera so there are no pictures of ducks.

Since there are no duck or dog pictures, I will attach a picture of my littlest Turkey. Enjoy!

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