Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weekday hunt.....

This morning Longeared Mule, Sadie and I embarked on a quick weekday hunt. We met at our hunting location at 5:45. The walk to the blind included a hyper active puppy and the sound of a lot of ducks. Once we were able to shoot, there were plenty of ducks in our vicinty. We saw mallards, wood ducks and greenwinged teal. Our first opportunity to shoot included a misfired shell and some poor shooting. 2 woodies passed right over us and flew safely away. I emptied my gun. About 20 minutes later, several teal landed in front of us. We could see the ducks, but there was alot of growth between us and the birds. I attempted a shot off of the water and missed. Nothing makes you feel useless like missing a duck sitting on the water in front of you. For some reason, the ducks flew right at us after the missed shot. Both birds were taken down cleanly and Sadie the 8.5 month old puppy retrieved both of them beautifully! She did very well for such a young dog. Zorbacon redeemed himself. Sadie is the one below with the scary eyes. Zorbacon is the guy with the really pale face.

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